App Help #1 Darkcraftz Wendy

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App Help #1 Darkcraftz Wendy

Post  Olympian on Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:35 pm

Here I will be listing Denied Apps And I'll Suggest some things they should fix.
#1 Darkcraft's Builder App
How long have you played AnarchyCraft?:4 days now and i like this server so much becouse is a good n fun server.

How long have you played Minecraft?: Totalt 1 week (Totally Is Spelled Like Totally.)

Have you ever griefed?: No! i never griefed (Well, Thats o)ne good point.

In namn game: DarkCraftz

What are have you built and are good at building?: i dont know, but i likes to build castle, house, tower n more. i just build n build n ppl like it my buildings (Maybe you should Capitalize your letters first, and also, if you wanna talk with a southern accent, tower' n more)

Other: Am lives in Sweden n i know your server is hosted in US, am lagging but i dont care becouse the server it so good Smile
and i like to helping ppl. (At the begining, It should be I'm.)

Thx u! (Mostly it's all Spelling errors, As that Is Why it was denied.)

Wendy's Builder App
How long have you played AnarchyCraft?:10weeks if pvpcraft and austincraft count if not 3 days. (Maybe You should play more for everyone to know you.)

How long have you played Minecraft?:5 1/2 months

Have you ever griefed?:Yes it was a pvp server that allowed griefing other peoples bases

What are have you built and are good at building?:i will build some cool things (It Says What Have you built... And What You're good at building. This App Looks Pretty Bare, spend some more time on it.)


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