App Help #2 Nanders Dakiller

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App Help #2 Nanders Dakiller

Post  Olympian on Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:35 pm

Nander's Builder App
How long have you played AnarchyCraft?: 3 days. (Play A little longer to know more people.)
How long have you played Minecraft?: 8 months.
Have you ever griefed?(Be honest): Yes.My own base because static was catching it.
What are have you built and are good at building?:I had made TheFoxes Base.Yes (What Else Are You Good At Building?) This one looks bare too.

Dakiller's App
How long have you played AnarchyCraft?:I have played for a few days maybe 2 or 4
I will play as long as the server I am on is either off or something. (Too Short.)

How long have you played Minecraft?:I have played ever since the ending of alpha though I stopped until
Beta which I am currently obsessed with.

Have you ever griefed?(Be honest):I only grief griefers which is probbly(Fail Spell) approved by people Very Happy.Who would hate to see a griefer get griefed?I also griefed on griefed allowed areas like Anarachy but if I play on servers that don't allow griefer,I probbly won't grief for any other purposes then to grief the griefers

What have you built and are also good at building?:I am usually good at making bases and stuff.I am good with falsebook/craftbook(Gonna check if this servers uses falsebook/craftbook later Very Happy)I am not a pro at building like making massive structures like nyan cat or a statue of NOTCH.

Other Information(Hope I can do this?If not just leave this alone):I am an admin in a few servers.I am a mod is alot of servers though most of them got either cancelled or the host could not host any longer.
I am usually a trusted admin in a server called AfterDaysOfCivilization.
I hope you enjoy reading the application I made and also I hope I enjoy this server Very Happy. (This Looks A Little Rushed. It's pretty big though.)

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