Admin application-Vehikill [ACCEPTED]

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Admin application-Vehikill [ACCEPTED]

Post  vehikill on Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:20 pm

I pass the 2 weeks of playing time by at least months.

Noticed for doing good things by Admins and/or Owner: Considering I was a admin, I'm pretty sure I got the attention of others

In-Game Name: vehikill

Time you've played on AnarchyCraft: Months, cannot specify.

Total time you've played on Minecraft: Since minecraft classic

What You Can Do to Help: Regulate rules, iConomy prices if used, resolve problems,diffuclties or abuse.

Admin/Mod Experience:
6-8 Months MarkDanos Server as Admin
4-6 Months Operator on a classic server
3-6 Months Anarchycraft
1 Month Froznices
1 Month Metalbots
More servers, I'm getting mixed up, that's why I have variations, I have to many experiences to repeat them all.

What rank are you applying for: Admin

Why You Want to be Admin: I'm awesome, commands, world edit, the ability to play with the tools of minecraft, observe people, buildings, structures war and help. Not in that order.

TimeZone: -8 Pacific time

I can pass all if not most of the Admin requirements quite easily (considering I made them)

The only thing that might break a rule is me trolling or fooling around, which in a hard perspective, abuse, and when I say hard perspective, people thinking I'm abusing yet I am working.


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Re: Admin application-Vehikill [ACCEPTED]

Post  Austin on Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:24 pm



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