Staff Application Layout

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Staff Application Layout

Post  Austin on Sat Jun 11, 2011 11:31 pm

Two weeks of play time dedicated to server.
Noticed for doing good things by Admins and/or Owner.
In-Game Name:
Time you've played on AnarchyCraft:
Total time you've played on Minecraft:
What You Can Do to Help:
Admin/Mod Experience:
What rank are you applying for:
Why You Want to be (insert staff spot:

You must have all these attributes to be able to gain these/this rank(s)

Moderator Requirements
- 3 to 5 hours of playtime minimal
- Devotive to work over play
- Idealistic (optional)
- Helpful
- Builder Requirements

Admin Requirements
- 2-10 hours of playtime a day
- Extremely helpful
- More workative
- Knowledge of minecraft to a normal or above average extent e,g: Redstone circuitry, crafting, etc.
- Knowledge of plugins and/or commands and/or others (optional)
- Moderator Requirements
- Approval/Acknowledgement by other people/admins/players/moderators
- No negativity

There are indefinitly exceptions to some of these.


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