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Post  LowLifenerd on Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:10 pm

Now assuming that this server has introduction regulations as well as regulations within the server such as plugins and what not. Now that this server and the one that I currently work on *I will not advertise the server; Austin knows that this is against both the policies*

Common rules with the servers which this one may like to hear is that ; for regulated introductions a promptly formatted introduction is needed to show that they want to be part of the server without being lazy. Also to show that one is capable of using correct grammar,spelling and a level of maturity, than what I've seen in other servers.

What I have realized is that this server is being advertised through the public section of the King agnostic forum, which may be deleted if many people are required to create a introduction within a forum such as this one, if you've read this far. I congratulate you.

Regulations ; 3+ Sentences - Reasoning on why you wish to join the community and what will and will not do on the server :

I believe my three sentences were completed, however my reasoning to join this community is because Austin was once part of the server I currently work on, and I'd hope to see him again. In previous worlds and maps on his server I assisted him in construction and wish to continue to help his server, watching it develop and grow. What I will do with the server is assist those in need and make sure that who ever is abusing the enabling of the PVP will be ceased. What Wont I do? Nothing horrible.

Builder Requirement
- Good at building (Evaluated by Builder+)
- Respectful to all if not most
- Takes action i,e: Does not sit around
- Follows rules/Knows rules
- Friendly/Un-malevolent e,g: Does not act like a dick

Requirements (To apply make new topic following the requirements!)

How long have you played AnarchyCraft?: ._. Lool Not consistent enough to be recorded

How long have you played Minecraft?: Several Months

Have you ever griefed?(Be honest): Only servers that deserved to be Griefed and Severs that break other server policies i.e Advertisment

What are have you built and are good at building?: Im no good @ building homes and foundations. However I am wonderful @ building fountains with lava and water. So basicly im training on Redstone wiring ; Fountain making design creation with water+lava


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Re: ROWRIFE'S Introduction [ACCEPTED]

Post  Austin on Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:17 pm

Accpedted Very Happy



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