OIsaacO's Moderator Application

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OIsaacO's Moderator Application

Post  OIsaacO on Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:33 pm

In-Game Name: OIsaacO
Time you've played on AnarchyCraft:Today :3

Total time you've played on Minecraft:2 years, since Alpha

What You Can Do to Help:I would love to help with any and every problem or project the
server has, but am a great creative builder, and am also very skilled at stopping an argument
or staying out of one. I WILL NEVER ABUSE MY POWERS, and promise always to apologize when offending a fellow player (if ever).

Admin/Mod Experience:I have been admin on countless servers, one well known server: The Gir Society in its early days. I have experience with world edit, zones, and all kinds of different players.
I will be patient and accepting with players, even the ones that yell LAG, or TP ME TO MY FRIEND, and sometimes WHY CAN'T I BUILD!. I have been in all of these positions before as i'm sure we all have. Wink

What rank are you applying for: Moderator

Why You Want to be Mod: I absolutely love seeing a server grow, and love being a part of the process. I also love Minecraft, and helping others to learn to play it. I always enjoy being a part of a community, and after seeing countless fellow admin abusing their powers and acting like the bullies of the server, I always aspire to be that really nice admin who never screams or types in all capitols.
TimeZone: Eastern United States


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Re: OIsaacO's Moderator Application

Post  Puree on Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:57 am

What server are you on? What's the IP?

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