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Shop prices

Post  vehikill on Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:25 am

The new shop is bad in my view. My reasons.

-A straight-forward system to find items you need or want, like for instance, blocks, agriculture, metals, helpfuls etc. Unlike a wall plastered with all items allowed

- Hard to get money, as 2 ways of getting money are
-Killing mobs, which is a low profit, also I think Mob Bounty is turned off.
-Selling items, which is outrageous as the buy/sell rate is terrible
Because of this, players will not use shop a lot and will only use it when they have accumulated enough money by killing mobs.
(most would considering it's better to save 64 logs then to sell it for 10$ compared to 32 logs which you can buy for 96$)

-The prices are to low and the sell is even lower. As I said before, 32 logs for 96$ is 3$ a log, lower than previous prices, the big difference is the trade-off sell rate which is approx 0.15$ a log, which you must sell in bundles of 64, or buy in bundles of 36 making people think it is outrageous, but it still is as it will take substantial amount of time to get 96$.

-The crafted items such as wooden stairs, are MORE expensive, 32 Wood stairs is 60$, 32 logs is 96$ but 32 logs can make at least 80 stairs, the price is a 1.5x difference but the outcome is much larger. Also it's better to turn your 64 logs into staircases and sell 64 stair cases instead of logs.

-Some things are to cheap, such as the sandstone block, 32 sand is 64$, 32 sandstone is 60$, 32 sand=8 sandstone so 32x8=256 sand used for it, now divide by 32, equals eight, so that means, 32 sandstone should be worth 8x64 which is 512$

-Hard to find things should be in the shop, or at least hard to get, like reeds, bookcases,cactus and wheat, they can be sold or bought to create a income but also cost quite a lot to buy and the sell off should be low, as bookcases,reeds or cactus should be at least.

I propose a market without price clashes and the ability to creating a working economy. Low enough for people to buy, and high enough for people to make a profit when selling yet low enough for people to buy from eachother. As I said in my other thread, a Mall and a Market.


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Re: Shop prices

Post  Fearless on Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:53 am

I'm making a new shop with actually thought out prices today.


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Re: Shop prices

Post  Ender on Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:57 pm

Perhaps for the sake of organization we could put them into separate categories. I dislike the way things are put in a complete random order, and regarding the prices I concur with vehikill.

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Re: Shop prices

Post  LtFalcon on Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:58 am

Lol I suggest same buy prices but lower the sell price

I sold 9 stacks of cobble and got freaking 4k that is seriously outrageous

And I suggest a Vairty of shops and remvoe the shop that has everything (KEEPS THINGS OGRANIZED)

EG. Wood shops , Cobble shops , Herbalism Shop, Nether shop ect ect....


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Re: Shop prices

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