Schuyler's Mod Application

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Schuyler's Mod Application

Post  Schuyler on Tue Jun 14, 2011 9:49 pm

Kay. I know I haven't been on this server for two weeks, but I hope my other "Credentials" can push me past that.
I think I'd have the backing of several other mods/admins? I'm not sure, but so far I don't think there are any that particularly dislike me.

In-Game Name: Schuyler (Nickname : ~Sky)

Time played on AC: Only about 4 to five days, yet to be honest, I'm pretty dedicated to the server. I'm definitely on at least 3 to five hours a day, although there are few days that I can't play sometimes, as you know...I have a life, and other things I have that need to be done.

Time playing Minecraft: At least since Alpha 1.2.6

What you can do to help: Well, I can do a lot of things. I'm relatively aware of the plugins used most commonly on the server, mainly the Economy ones, craftbook, factions, yaddayadda. I can explain these things to new players, if they ever need help.
I can also help protect the server. For example, earlier this day, we had a spam attack. I could have helped keep the people banned, instead of poor Matteo doing them alone, and when some of the admins/mods get overwhelmed by a lot of people yelling fr them I'd take some of the stress off.
I'm also quite capable at building, and Moderating generally throughout the server. I won't be Rage-Banning anyone, as even if I want to I can control myself. Anywho, I think I'd be able to help out quite a bit.

Admin/Mod experience: I was, and pretty sure technically still AM a mod on the NVSP servers, although I haven't been on them in a while due to the fact that..They never seem to be stable anymore. But yes, I've been a mod there for several months.

What rank are you applying for: Moderator.

Why you want to be a Moderator: Well I figured I'd climb my way up the proverbial Ladder. I started out as a default, and went to a builder. I figured it'd be unfair, and kinda stupid to jump from builder, to Admin suddenly. Besides, it's only fair this way. Sorta like a "Trial", for my adminship? Lol joking ;D
But yeah. It's only fair, and it makes sense to go from builder to moderator, instead of straight up.

Time Zone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Thanks for reading c:


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Re: Schuyler's Mod Application

Post  Fearless on Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:06 am


Sorry, 2 weeks playing time is the minimal requirement. 3-5 hours is a bit iffy as well.


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