Puree's Admin Application

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Puree's Admin Application

Post  Puree on Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:12 pm

I have played in this server for about 3 weeks

In-Game Name: Puree

Time you've played on AnarchyCraft: 3 weeks

Total time you've played on Minecraft: 8 months

What You Can Do to Help: I can resolve any issues between players, help stop griefing, etc.

Admin/Mod Experience: I have been a Moderator and Admin for many other servers and Co-Owner of another. I also have my own server.

What rank are you applying for: Admin

Why You Want to be Admin: Because I am very dedicated to this server and I am on everyday. I am good with plugins so I know how to work a lot of them. I am good at catching griefers in action and I can help out this server in many other ways.

TimeZone: EST

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