Factions creation/war help

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Factions creation/war help

Post  LtFalcon on Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:53 pm

I decided to make a Factions help for people who war and need help with the commands on it

Creating a faction
-/f create (name)
-/f desc (What you want in your description)

Faction basic commands
-/f invite (Player name)
-/f kick (playername)
-/f ally (Faction/Nation name)
-f Unally (Faction/Nation name)
-/f Title (Playername) (The title) [You should use this for ranks but you don't need to]
-/f chat or /f c [That is for you to talk in you faction only

Faction system
If you are at WAR at someone you can hurt them in there land out of there land and there names will be in red
If there is a NEUTRAL faction member they can't hurt you unless your not in there land
If you are ALLIED with someone you can't hurt them anywhere and there names will be in purple

Faction defending?
For you to defend your land you need to claim your land
-/f claim
But you can't just claim as much land as you want .... or can you?
You see for every player you gain a maximum of +10 power and every time you claim you use up 1 power
But its more complicated then you think


First number is how much claimed land you used

Second number is how much power you have at moment

3rd is the maximum power you have

Every time you die you lose power so don't die so much.

Faction War?
Ok so every time you die you lose power, does that mean I can keep my land?

It depends if you die so much and in your power you see a "-" (EX. 20/-5/20)
It means the enemy can claim your land if you see a negative in your 2nd number
But don't worry they have to claim from the outside land first

How can I get power back?

Your power regenerates about 1 power every 5 minutes

Whats a good strategy on land claiming and leaving left overs?

So its smart to have a left over amount of power but also spend about 4/5ths of it

Well that's it I hope you guys read this and enjoy it Very Happy
If there's something you want me to edit and it makes since to edit it
tell me

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Re: Factions creation/war help

Post  Puree on Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:32 am

Nice topic Falcon.

Although I would add some more information on the ranks within the faction and some more commands like on how to open and close your faction.

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