Super-Mod App By: Evil_Alien

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Super-Mod App By: Evil_Alien

Post  Evil-Alien on Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:08 am

First I would like to say this is the BEST server i have ever played on, i have played off and on since austincraft and pvpcraft but i got my mod 2 days ago and LtFalcon said i should apply Very Happy

I have played pretty long on your servers probably since austincraft started, but on anarchycraft about 10-11 days (i know not two weeks but i am fully dedicated!!)

I have been noticed for doing good things by admins: for helping build shops, events, players, taking control when no staff is on from like 9:00am EST to 1:00pm EST

Time i played on anarchycraft is about 9-10 days and i love and wish to help more, i play from about 9am to 11pm so about 14 hours Very Happy

Total time played in minecraft: I have played since indev Very Happy

What i can do to help is: redirect players, help players, manage problems, take control when problem is out of control, etc.

My admin/mod experience is: i have been admin on a server called modcraft, a mod on a server called destinycraft, and mod on this server Very Happy

I am applying for Super-Mod and i hope i get it

The reason i want to be Super-Mod is: is i can finally help players the ways i couldnt before, they were ALWAYS asking other people for help and rarely me, *cough*(i can spawn items) *cough*, and LtFalcon, schuyler, and alex101 said i should

My Timezone is: EST 5:00

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Re: Super-Mod App By: Evil_Alien

Post  Fearless on Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:10 pm


Being arguably one of the most active players on the server and most helpful mods, in addition to making the new server shop, I don't see any reason to not promote you.

In-Game Permissions added.


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