Some Random Suggestions

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Some Random Suggestions

Post  Deego on Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:44 pm

Okay so the main thing this thread is aimed at is suggesting the idea for a new building in the spawn area.
This building would be a bounty service to help people earn money.
Someone could put a bounty on another player, and whoever kills that player would earn more money. Prices would go up $100 each day (money is flexible here) the person is not killed.
The starting reward would depend on the player. The more notorious the player is, the more the reward would be.
Of course a couple of people would have to vouch for whoever wants to claim the reward, and those people would have to be of a different faction. Also, a mod (of a different faction) could vouch because they're all so super honest and all.
Just a suggestion to dynamise (that a word?) gameplay.
I know I probably explained this in a difficult to understand way, but if anyone has a question regarding this idea, I'm listening.

On a side note, the dead bush currency system seems to just add to peoples confusion. I don't see what was wrong with the original money that was implemented.

Another thing, I think we can safely say that the jail was just a way of making us all feel better about DJs shenanagins. It's really not necessary since people don't break the rules enough for it to be useful. That's just my opinion on it anyway.

Also in the House of Dreams could they at least supply people with signs? Worst that could happen is people will steal them. They're just signs after all.

And as for Slimeball Bowling.. seriously whose idea was that.. It's completely useless and I've NEVER seen anyone in there. I had a conversation with Bowler Bill and he's not getting paid enough because they have absolutely no income there.


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